Auckland Assembly leaders met together on a number of occasions in the twilight years of last century and expressed their need to restore and enhance cooperation and communication between our family of churches.  In 2001 a meeting of leaders highlighted some needs across the Greater Auckland region

  • to  support, serve  and encourage our family of churches
  • to renew evangelistic zeal and combine resources to accomplish this
  • to encourage, inspire, train and motivate leaders and elders
  • to do things together we can’t do on our own
  • to establish a development fund
  • to move ahead with a plan of action

A group of leaders was then formed to begin to work on planning how to meet these needs.

The Mission

Building upon the heritage of Greater Auckland & Northland Christian Brethren Assemblies our mission is to foster opportunities for evangelism, growth and development by encouraging, partnering, and equipping; and to network, communicate, and share resources (people, skills, information, facilities and finance) to facilitate this.

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