Stewards' Foundation: Mortgage Advances

Why borrow from the Foundation?

  • Our interest rates are low.  Sometimes our lending rate is lower than what we pay to those who invest with us.
  • We understand your needs as borrowers.
  • We can be more flexible than mainstream lending institutions in meeting your needs

Who can apply for a Foundation loan?

  • We will lend to churches who align themsleves to the Christian Brethren or Open Brethren assemblies throughout New Zealand.
  • We will lend to trusts and camps associated with those churches.
  • We will lend to local full time workers in churches, para-church organisations, outreaches and camps, and we will lend to missionaries commended by Brethren assemblies.

What terms do you offer?

  • We offer a very attractive interest rate, often far below what you would normally be able to obtain from a commercial lender.
  • We offer a ten year repayment term for churches and institutions, and a fifteen year term for full time workers and missionaries.
  • We only lend on security of a registered first mortgage.
  • We offer two types of mortgages
    • Our standard reducing payment mortgage (each payment comprising a fixed principal sum plus a reducing interest sum) or
    • A table mortgage (each total payment is the same amount).

Need more information?

We have an information sheet for individual borrowers and an information sheet for churches.  Each sets out more detail on our loans and loan criteria.  Please view or download these documents.

Contact our Secretary or Treasurer for more information, or if you have any questions.

You can also download an application form for a church or institution mortgage advance or an individual mortgage advance.

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