Stewards' Trust: A Trustee Service

Your Assembly is now established, and is buying a property.  That's great, but:

  • How do you go about the purchase?
  • How do you get it set up as a charitable trust?
  • Whose name goes on the title?...

Stewards' Trust provides a property trustee service for Brethren assemblies.  At present it holds title to about 150 properties throughout New Zealand.  It has been fulfilling this function since it was incorporated in 1919.

It is a corporate body, constituted under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.  Unlike a private trustee, it does not die, retire, or move from the district.

Each property is held under a separate Declaration of Trust, specifically designed for Brethren assemblies.

This provides a ready made trust structure, at minimal cost and minimal effort.  With Stewards' Trust, there is no need for you to create a separate trust for your local church.

For more information about how Stewards' Trust can assist you through our trustee service, please contact Tony Harvey.

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