Stewards' Trust: Legacies and Bequests

You're thinking about your Will.  You want to ensure that when you no longer need your money, it can be put to good use for the Kingdom of God.  Either here in New Zealand, or overseas.

Stewards' Trust can help you.  You can name Stewards' Trust in your Will as a beneficiary, for all or a part of your estate.  You can leave money to be used as the Executive of Stewards' Trust sees a need, or you can specify an area of work you would like to support.

We strongly urge you to see your lawyer about your Will.  He or she can ensure it truly sets out your wishes, and that it is valid after your death.  It is also important, if naming Stewards' Trust as a beneficiary, that our correct legal name is used in your Will.

If you would like to discuss a possible bequest with us, please contact Tony Harvey or Steven Duxfield.

Charitable Gifts

From time to time you may want to make a donation or gift to the work of God.  Your regular giving should be made to or through your own local church.  But what if you have a larger sum of money to give, or you want it to go to an area of work that your church doesn't get involved in?

Stewards' Trust, as a charitable entity, can receive your gift without you needing to worry about any gift duty.  You can make a gift to be applied at the discretion of the Executive of Stewards' Trust, or you can give specific directions as to what you would like your gift used for.  As long as the gift remains for a charitable purpose, and it fits within the objects for which Stewards' Trust was established, that is fine.

If you would like to discuss making a gift to Stewards' Trust, please contact Tony Harvey or Steven Duxfield.

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