Auckland Partnership of Assemblies


Who We Are

The Auckland Partnership of Assemblies (APA) is a voluntary association of Christian Brethren and Associated Church leaders serving the greater Auckland region.


The vision of APA is:

  • to strengthen our churches in Greater Auckland and Northland by facilitating mutual encouragement and cooperation
  • to corporately enhance the Christian witness in our community and thus glorify God
  • to share vision, faith, resources and conviction, so that together our light may shine more brightly in a darkening world


Auckland Assembly leaders met together on a number of occasions in the twilight years of last century and expressed their need to restore and enhance cooperation and communication between our family of churches.  In 2001 a meeting of leaders highlighted some needs across the Greater Auckland region:

  • to support, serve and encourage our family of churches
  • to renew evangelistic zeal and combine resources to accomplish this
  • to encourage, inspire, train and motivate leaders and elders
  • to do things together we can’t do on our own
  • to establish a development fund
  • to move ahead with a plan of action

A group of leaders was then formed to begin to work on planning how to meet these needs.

You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.
— Matt. 5:14

The Mission

Building upon the heritage of Greater Auckland and Northland Christian Brethren Assemblies our mission is to foster opportunities for evangelism, growth and development by encouraging, partnering, and equipping; and to network, communicate, and share resources (people, skills, information, facilities and finance) to facilitate this.

What We Do

APA leaders meet regularly as servant-leaders; our concerns are to:

  • Pray for greater Auckland Christian Brethren and Associated Churches.
  • Initiate discussion and, either in partnership or independently, to arrange, encourage and implement training events, such as breakfast seminars, local full-time workers’ forums, leadership initiatives, etc.
  • Communicate to all member churches through the Greater Auckland region regarding events involving or of potential interest to our churches.
  • Offer pastoral consultation and assistance to churches that are facing challenges. This is offered sensitively, recognising the diversity of culture, race, church size, geographical location and ‘church styles’ across our family of churches.
  • Offer consultation, ideas, and networking opportunities to churches which would welcome this. Included are such areas as starting a new building or renovation project, establishing a community trust, dealing with a doctrinal issue in the church, handling conflicts, resources for children’s, youth, family, and community ministries, etc.
  • Provide a contact and reference point for denominational and interdenominational agencies and so facilitate information and relational opportunities among our wider church family.
  • Undertake appropriate partnerships with other organisations. Examples include, in 2009, APA’s assistance with arranging support following the Australian Bush Fires and the Samoa/Tonga Tsunami - by working alongside GCIM, Treasury, and other partners.
  • Support and encourage existing networks, organisations and events, eg - Pastor Link, H.M RAGE, Pathways College, Christian Camping, etc.
I pray also...that all of them may be one...May they also be in us so that the world may believe.
— John 17:20


Those serving in an executive capacity for the Auckland Partnership of Assemblies do so as volunteers. Their involvement does not imply that they speak for our family of churches or that they aspire to do so. Their desire is to realise the vision stated above and to honour God; to strengthen our churches, our partnership and our Christian witness. 

Current members their churches and some other associations:

  • Phil Aish (Waikowhai, Stewards' Trust)
  • David Frost (Manurewa)
  • Rod Edwards (Massey, CEC, APA Chair)
  • Campbell Fountain (Northcross, GPH)
  • David Goold (Birkdale)
  • Russell Grainger (Mt Wellington, Pastor Link, HCJB)
  • Richard Hemmingsen (Northcross, SGA, APA Administrator)
  • Leighton Mossop (Ngaire Ave.)
  • Afa Moasegi (Mascot Av, Manukau Samoan)
  • Lui Ponifasio (Life Church, Manurewa)
  • Robert Siakimotu (Onehunga, OAC)
  • Russell Thorp (Henderson, CLTC)


Members are in good standing both with their church and our wider family of churches. Opportunity is extended to others to attend either by invitation or recommendation from the eldership of their church. Office-holders are elected by the APA committee members.


Costs associated with APA have been met by personal contributions, from revenue and through donations. Freewill gifts are invited.


Richard Hemmingsen (Administrator)
Rod Edwards (Chair)