Pastorlink is an organic organisation.

It was established by pastors, for pastors. No matter what – nobody understands the role of a pastor better than another pastor.
Pastorlink is not a union nor is it an advocacy group. Pastorlink exists to help pastors be better pastors and therefore to be better servants of the churches they minister in.   

We exist because we choose – not because we have a charter and rules.
— Pastorlink

Each church is different and each pastor unique so we don't have any "one rule fits all" magic bullets.  We just have years of experience in the calling of 'pastors'.

Pastorlink supports pastors in a number of ways;

  1. Pastors' Retreat.  This is an annual event held in August each year. For many of us it is a non-negotiable in our diaries. The Retreat started in 1997 and has been going ever since.  It is a time to get together to be inspired by great keynote speakers and by hearing the stories of others working in the same field. It is a significant time as we rejoice with those who are finding success in ministry and we weep with, pray for and support those who are, for whatever reason, struggling.
  2. Mentoring.  Through Pastorlink we have a rich resource of experienced pastors (15 + years of fruitful ministry) who are able to offer guidance and mentoring to those who want. This may be short term or longer – whichever suits your particular situation.
  3. Crisis support.  Unfortunately there are times when it all gets too much. At these times we have experienced pastors/counsellors who can walk with you.
  4. Missions engagement.  Through significant partnerships we are able to offer options for overseas ministry and potential mission partnerships. 
  5. Community Trust & Community Engagement.  Many churches are struggling to meaningfully engage with their communities. Through our network we are able to provide help.  In particular setting up and running community trusts funded through the community.
  6. Watch this space.  As we continue to mature and develop as a service provider to our family of churches we will expand our range of services.

Pastorlink also supports Pathways College, Headspace, Strength & Unity, Engage conferences and Sick of Safe Missions Conference

If you would like more information or need to contact us about anything above please email: Russell Grainger